All Ages Are Information Ages

re-understanding computing

“We only need to seed our environment with processing capacity: give the things around us energy, memory and time (or some simulacrum thereof), and we might eventually be able to look back at the risibly-named ‘information age’ and see the nonsensical tautology at its core: all ages have been about, and been created from, and are destined for, the processing of information.” – Leona, the tinuum

That’s the way it has been, is and seems like it will continue to be. The strange thing to me is that we don’t know how to access or be a part of it. I emphasize be a part of because to access the totality of experi… Errrr… computation that you are surrounded by and to retain singular identities doesn’t make sense to me, but not everything that is makes sense to me, so there.

Compare her quote with one by William Irwin Thompson that I picked up from Paul Hughs:

“Seemingly you move away from culture and technology and become a world-denying mystic…

…But in reality—in a spiral—you are coming back into the heart of the post-technological culture.”

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