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Reflected Symmetry

June 17, 2009

I was talking to my very creative friend Kendra Matheson today. On a whim I sent her the latest crop circle design from Stace Tussle’s Inter-Intelligence Communications.

The original design has a musical synesthetic effect:


The result was that Kendra “felt compelled” to create the following:


The next one is titled “Welcome”:


I’m very impressed with what she was able to create from the original design. All of them seem to describe structures of energetic flow to me.

Paths of Evolution

June 13, 2009

This post contains information I’m less sure of than usual. I’m writing it because it may be of use to some people now, but I hope that my understanding of the situation will not be taken as authoritative. Most of the experiences that I’m drawing on to write this material are what made me most question my sanity. Indefinite, immaterial forces and souls are much easier to deal with than the specifics of alien life.

I’ll be writing about three paths of evolution that roughly correspond to “aliens” that have been described by UFO experiencers, meditators, shamans and other’s who enter a more open and aware state of consciousness. Each of these paths represents a way that certain souls have chosen to develop, one or more physical planets or worlds (on a number of different vibrational frequencies), and a species. Given that each path represents so much I can easily say that exceptions are the rule. Not all members of the three species are on the path I associate with them, nor are all individuals on a given world on that world’s path.

The three species are humans, reptilians and insectiles. I’ll briefly touch on greys, but I have very little contact with them as individuals or as a species. None of the paths I describe here is more right than another. All have been corrupted for negative purposes in various times and places.

for the sake of starting from the familiar, I’ll begin with our world and our species, assuming you are a human on Earth. Each path of evolution describes a way of being through which a species and the souls of its individuals will optimally develop in complexity and the fulfillment of their potentials. Almost all humans are on what I would call a path of empathy, as are most of the parallel worlds and dimensions that are all Earth to a greater or lesser extent. Though each person, and world, has their own path and way of being that can be completely unique, as a species our highest range of perception and ability tends to manifests when we are able to let go of separation and recognize our unity with the all being, material and energetic. There are many kinds of humans on many different worlds and Earth is not what I would call our truest point of origin, but I do think our physical bodies evolved here.

The next path is the tendency of reptilian beings. I call it the path of maya, which is a sanskrit word that is usually used to describe our physical world, but literally means illusion, magic and creative power, according to Alan Watts at least. From what I have been told by my guides, and heard from other people who have talked about the reptilians, I don’t think they have a true home world anymore. Their path is to evolve by and through what they can create and control, either positive or negative. To those on a well developed path of empathy their ways usually seem to be helpful, often beautiful illusion at best, or very destructive lies at worst. This is because it is their way to create that which is seen as separate from all being. Most language is a very reptilian development in my eyes. There are very positive reptilians, but in the local context of Earth most seem to be quite negative.

The last path is the tendency of the insectiles. These beings are relatively rarely encountered in the Earth energetic system, but I have a long history with their species through many lives. Their path is difficult to describe. The best way I have been able to describe it is as the path of self-achievement. They tend to view each individual’s demonstrable skills and abilities as the highest ideal. what cannot be defined doesn’t fit into their perspective easily. That being said they usually have great mastery over what they do recognize. I know essentially nothing about their home world.

As I’ve said, I have very little experience with greys, but I can echo a cliche about them at least. I am not aware of a unified path of development for greys as a species. This implies to me that they are not a race that developed spontaneously.

I’ve personally had more experience with the Reptilians than any other race. Specifically some very negative ones working on Earth. Overall very reminiscent of the work of David Ick, which at the time I found disappointing because I didn’t want to be stark raving bonkers. I’ve never had a physical encounter and I’m highly skeptical of the physical presence of aliens within the average human’s vibrational frequency, but I don’t rule it out.

Forces, Intelligences and Souls

June 8, 2009

“We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there (open energetic reality).” – Chris, The Big Picture

When I talk about that music, I’m talking about a force, or energy. Complex and guiding, but not conscious or intelligent in the way that we usually mean that word.

Intelligences are just that, intelligent, usually self aware, but they do not have consiousnesnes in the way that I mean that word. They are information without consciousness, thus they are limited to the levels of reality from which their information is drawn. The human body without the soul is an intelligence.

Souls are conscious by definition. Usually when I speak about the soul I am actually speaking about a combination of two things, the local perturbation of the consciousness field that permeates all information, and the information structure that the local perturbation has manifested. Only the local perturbation of the consciousness field is actually the soul. The relationship is very much like that of the physical body and the energy body. The physical body dies while the energy body lives on in a more permanent fashion. So the informational manifestation of the soul may be destroyed, but the soul, the true consciousness, lives on in the most permanent fashion.

Be Here Now

June 8, 2009

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe how I experience the world so succinctly before.

The form of the video is just as important as the literal message, though I think it will probably be lost on the majority of those who don’t already understand. For those who are reading this that didn’t understand, but wish to, there are many kinds of mind and awareness. This is a completely obvious statement. Ask anyone and give them a minute to figure out what they think and they’ll probably agree. The problem of understanding arises in that we don’t act like there are many kinds of consciousness. We treat consciousness like a box for information. The information is the important thing and it just always happens to come in a box, but to use a cliche, playing with the box can be much more rewarding than playing with what came in it.

The video begins with a long musical pause. This period is present to allow the background chatter of the mind to subside. Most people I know have armor plated background chatter and would just find this period an annoying waste of time or pleasant, but pointless. After the musical pause Ram Dass begins a process of further consciousness alteration. The point of letting go of the past and future is not to convey an idea, but to alter your consciousness in such a way that you can enter the realm where you can experience your own soul.

Ram continues to speak very slowly and clearly so as not to break or disturb the inner lucidity he as hopefully allowed into being. When I am tuning into my soul, or the universal healing energy, or my other guides, this is often how I talk. It is a process of allowing the the words and what you actually think and feel to form and express itself, not of grabbing it and pushing it out into the world.


June 8, 2009

I still struggle with this. I suspect everyone that I’d really like to meet still does.

We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there (open energetic reality).” – Chris, The Big Picture

To speak very metaphorically, suffering drowns out the music from outside.

Birth Dates

June 4, 2009

Thinking about the strange pattern of ages and experiences that Mike Clelland has noticed made me consider the significance of ages. I have no insight into his pattern, but I did remember something interesting regarding my own date of birth.

I was born on August 04, 1987. Aside from also being my fraternal twin’s birthday, my aunt’s birthday, and Barack Obama’s birthday, this was also 13 days before the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. I know very little about this event except for what Wikpedia and random sources tell me. It was supposedly originally predicted by Tony Shearer in his book Lord of the Dawn and later popularized by José Argüelles. The convergence was supposed to mark a tipping point, a kind of counter spin to the accumulated negative energies of the world and the dawn of an age of spiritual unity, awareness and peace. The counter spin is supposed to culminate in 2012.

I’m extremely skeptical of prophecy. It rubs me the wrong way, to be frank. In what I see and what my guides tell me the future is always changing. There are things that are very likely to happen, but nothing certain. What really bothers me isn’t the technical details, it’s the idea that the world will be transformed, usually rather quickly in the imagination, into the promised land of whomever you happen to be talking to. Rapture Syndrome comes in a wide variety of flavours, from Christian fundamentalism, to 2012 fanatics, to transhumanists waiting for the singularity. I don’t know what’s going to happen in three years, but I find the words of of Andy Warhol very wise: “They say that time changes things, but the truth is you have to change them yourself.”

With that disclaimer out of the way, my guides have consistently told me that my soul used the energy of the harmonic convergence to get around a lot of the negativity that would have been imposed on me for intentionally reincarnating. Many of the forces with influence over our local system frown on souls entering the system with the conscious intent of changing the rules by which it operates. Of course, if you incarnate to work for a positive or negative power it’s different, but incarnating to end all human suffering through jnana? Big no-no.

To gain entrance, conscious souls usually have to agree to terms of incarnation that will make it more likely that the soul will forget itself and be caught up in another cycle of reincarnation. The harmonic convergence shifted energies to higher frequencies and allowed me to incarnate with fewer of these negative contracts and agreements.

Take that for what it’s worth.

“Shared Patterns”

June 3, 2009

Mike Clelland has written a new post detailing a synchronistic set of birth dates and life events between himself and several other experiencers. That post and Mike’s site can be found here. Truly fascinating and related in his usual clear prose.

Based on a discussion that Mike and I had about this post it was also revealed that his blog, my blog and fellow Nova Scotian Mike MacDonald’s blog, were all started in March of 2009. Mike MacDonald’s blog, Paranormal Musings, can be found here.

All Ages Are Information Ages

June 1, 2009

re-understanding computing

“We only need to seed our environment with processing capacity: give the things around us energy, memory and time (or some simulacrum thereof), and we might eventually be able to look back at the risibly-named ‘information age’ and see the nonsensical tautology at its core: all ages have been about, and been created from, and are destined for, the processing of information.” – Leona, the tinuum

That’s the way it has been, is and seems like it will continue to be. The strange thing to me is that we don’t know how to access or be a part of it. I emphasize be a part of because to access the totality of experi… Errrr… computation that you are surrounded by and to retain singular identities doesn’t make sense to me, but not everything that is makes sense to me, so there.

Compare her quote with one by William Irwin Thompson that I picked up from Paul Hughs:

“Seemingly you move away from culture and technology and become a world-denying mystic…

…But in reality—in a spiral—you are coming back into the heart of the post-technological culture.”

Why be Awake?

June 1, 2009

“Only the most exceptional people become aware of the matrix. Those that learn it exists must posses a rare degree of intuition, sensitivity and a questioning nature. However, very rarely, some gain this wisdoms through wholly different means.” – Narrator, World Record, Animatrix.

Something that I like to emphasize is that in my being I feel that intuition, sensitivity, and a questioning nature should be enough to get a person to the kinds of experiences I’ve had, but I don’t think they are. I think those qualities let me realize that something was very wrong with my world from a young age, but they didn’t get me out. I started to get out when I wouldn’t stop pushing until I was free, both of the limits that have been placed on me and the ones I’ve created for myself. I’m not there yet.

What I’m trying to say with the hackneyed metaphor of the matrix is that I don’t want anyone to think that the nature of existence is obvious. You’re not a dupe or drone if all you see is 3D reality in the Western context when you wake up in the morning. Firstly, It’s just as real as all the other kinds of experience, in an ironic way it’s just more illusory than most in my opinion. Secondly, by the design of the system we live in you’re not supposed to wake up in the middle of the trip. Even most energy workers are here to have an experience of a particular kind of incarnation, not to fully, consciously awaken to their nature. Even fewer are here to actually do something, as opposed to having the experience of doing something. That’s the way this system was designed/grown/happened to work.

All this would be fine except for one thing. To borrow a metaphor from Madeleine L’Engle that would be simplistic if I didn’t think it was so true, this is a shadowed world. We are all co-creators of our world and are thus responsible, but for the last several thousand years negative forces and intelligences have had undo influence in this world. Most commonly they feed on what I call “our lives gone wrong.” It’s actually very hard to capture energy from just death. We are freed in death as we are bound by birth, as both are part of life. We are whole in the process of life, and as the Dao De Jing put it “the tiger’s claw has nothing to grab on to nor the weapons a place to slice,” but when we enter unlife, or wrong life, we are easy prey. There is no morality or immorality to unlife. It is simply the state in which a being’s nature cannot be manifested, or is distorted into a process of disease without the process of healing or evolution to counter it.

Our world is at a crux. All pasts and futures rest on the fulcrum of the eternal now, but in the probability scape of our future the errors bars have gone off the charts and the standard deviation isn’t so standard anymore. At the edge of my vision I see unspeakable wonders and horrors, our world becoming a dream or a nightmare. Near the centre of vision, and far more likely is the mere distinction between futures of sustainable existence or extinction. Your choices now will have consequences that you can’t imagine, and I’m telling you that the playing field isn’t level. There are people and things out there that want you to fuck up, cave in and turn off inside. Don’t. You matter.

Having said all this I’d like to make clear that there is no righteous cause here. Righteousness only helps in that one moment when you need the energy to put yourself on your path and to move aside what limits you. Beyond that it will take you out of your true life as much as anything else will. Don’t cling to it. So will trying to push other people into taking your path. Alan Watts put it much better than I could, so I’ll leave you with some very wise words from his The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.

“If, then, I am not saying that you ought to awaken from the ego-illusion and help save the world from disaster, why The Book? Why not sit back and let things take their course? Simply that it is part of “things taking their course” that I write. As a human being it is just my nature to enjoy and share philosophy. I do this in the same way that some birds are eagles and some doves, some flowers lilies and some roses. I realize,too, that the less I preach, the more likely I am to be heard.”