Energetic Vocabulary

I was hoping to have written a much longer post on techniques for achieving clear communication with guides by now, but time, energy and circumstance have not permitted. In the mean time, here is a selection of vocabulary created by Robert Monroe to describe his perceptions during his out of body experiences in energetic reality. This lexicon was published in his book, Far Journeys. My notes are in parentheses.

Blanked: Don’t understand.

CLICK!: Instantaneous change in consciousness (denotes an immediate alteration in the perception of realty as accompanies a nonlinear shift in time, space or dimension).

Closed: Tuned down or out external stimuli.

Curl: Organized energy, usually intelligent.

Dulled: Lost interest.

Flickered: Uncertain.

Ident: Mental name or “address,” i.e., energy pattern of item (name and address are synonymous in energetic reality because relation is by resonance, not spatial temporal or other standards).

Lighted: Idea, happy.

M-band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc.

M-band noise: Uncontrolled thought (deafening levels of m-band noise on Earth).

Open: Receptive.

Percept: Insight, intuition, understanding (primary means of perception in energetic reality)

Plied: The way things are/ goes with the territory (this doesn’t translate well. Communicating something by demonstrating that energy flows in that way).

Rolled: Amused, laughed.

Rote: Thought ball, a packet of thought/mentation/total memory, knowledge, information, experience, history (very effective means of communicating large amounts of any kind of information. I started using rotes naturally long before reading about them. Very intuitive technique).

Run the rote:To recall portions of rote after receipt of total.

Smooth: Get it together, in charge of self.

Time-Space Illusion (TSI): An anomaly among the “standard” energy systems, which includes the entire
physical universe.

Turn in: Consider.

Vibrate: Show emotion (It can be much more than emotion. To resonate, potentially with the quality of an entire experience).

Sometime soon I’ll do an entire post on Robert Monroe and Far Journeys. The book is one of the best overviews of energetic reality I’ve ever read.


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