Technical Note


My e-mail should read: Chrisdtaylor (at) hotmail dot com

If you have any problems contacting me, please feel free to inform me through the comment system on this blog.

Thanks to Stace over at Inter-Intelligence Communications for bringing the situation to light,


3 Responses to “Technical Note”

  1. Quanta Says:

    Chris, I had originally sent it to – noting that it probably says “.ca” instead of “.com” because you’re in Canada. That’s how it bounced back – I just double checked it in my “sent” file as well as the “bounceback” e-mail I got from hotmail. I am wondering if using is the real answer……trial and error will tell!

    But why don’t you try e-mailing me when you get a chance to, then I can reply to you. In the meantime I’ll try the .com instead of the .ca and hopefully we can be in contact.

  2. Quanta Says:

    By the way, it is definitely better to either copy and paste my e-mail or click on the link. I’ve had people type it in as though there are two “a”s in the middle (as in anastasia anastasia) but there’s only one “a” in the middle of the two words linking them……sorry it’s a long e-mail address but it’s the best to use for now…..Stace

  3. wildrote Says:

    I’ll make sure to copy past. Thanks.

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