Paranoia and Love

Care of Dedroidify

I’ve found RAW’s last comments in this video to be particularly true. Because of my negative experiences I still hedge into fight or flight/paranoid reactions, even though I’m consciously trying to balance that reaction into compassion and safety in my own light. A band of color in my mind’s eye is still very easily interpreted as a snake/worm, and a curl as a flitting parasite. This reaction is compounded by my experience that there are actually negative beings and forces that feed from and manipulate incarnate and excarnate beings.

Finding a balance between the paranoia and universal acceptance can be surprisingly difficult. Either path frees you from having to take a harder middle way. Every experience and action needs to be considered in its own light. Cautious compassion is the way I would describe the conscious response I try to cultivate. Always ask your guides if you are dealing with a being that does not have your highest good at heart, even if it seems benevolent and shrouded in light. If you find it is not benevolent, or just doesn’t have youd highest good at heart, ask if you can help it reach a state of harmony and compassion.

I’ve been told that one of the reasons I have so many negative experiences is that instead of freeing itself to focus on higher forms of interaction, my soul chooses to be an energetic warrior against the forces that enforce an unaware state of being. I found this strange because as an incarnate being I’m the epitome of not being a warrior. I’m completely non-violent, and I’ve essentially given up adversarial argument as an effect means for me to evolve anything I want. In an energetic sense, however, I use light to stop negative forces and send them into the custody of the Universal Healing Energy, or whatever force can help them. If the negative forces are not conscious I often return their energies to an unformed state. I do this much more than I use energy purely for the purposes of healing. Take that for what you will.


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