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One of the primary limiting factors I encounter when working with other incarnate humans is that they hold onto the view of themselves as purely physical, separate entities. This attitude cuts off experience of the energetic world. This has one positive aspect, as it helps to keep energetic interference out, but it also prevents energetic sensation, help, information gathering and general development in this area of life.

A little context will make my topic much clearer. When a soul incarnates, it almost always creates or accepts a set of contracts. These contracts assure that the soul will have certain experiences while incarnate. The most basic contract to all souls incarnating on this Earth dimension is an agreement to accept physical space-time and the physical body as the overriding reality. Any action the individual takes that is perceived to violate this contract won’t be accepted energetically. A materalistic mindset and attitude usually develop over the contract, re-enforcing it. In my experience, for energy work to be effective it is essential to suspend the materialistic mindset, and for advanced techniques, to let go of the space-time reality contract entirely.

One of the most basic ways to temporarily bypass the materialistic mindsets is to inform the person you are working with that they are composed of electromagnetic fields and that these fields interpenetrate and have no definite boundaries. Being composed of interpenetrating electromagnetic fields means that it’s quite reasonable that one person’s fields could interact with another’s at a distance. This bypasses the matterialistic mindset by eroding the perception of physical separation. I personally don’t prefer the electromagnetic explanation because I’m fairly sure more is going on than the interaction of a few fundamental fields. I want to be up front about what I think is going on while not trying to tell another person what they should think about the nature of reality.

I’m not the most skilled worker when it comes to bringing physically locked-in humans to a state where energy work can be effective. I’m too easily frustrated by having to convince the person I’m working with to let go of what I perceive to be hurting them. I’m working on this, and commenting on it externally will hopefully give me enough perspective to re-examine my feelings, as it did with my previous post on taking money for energy healing (Thanks Paul, I have been thinking about what you said).

My applied approach varies greatly depending on who I am talking to, but I’ll give a generalized form here. The following exchange is completely fictional and takes place after I have talked with the person about their experiences and what they might want to change in their life, but before I begin to probe or examine with my own senses or question my guides in earnest:

Energy worker: “May I and my guides look into you to help find what is preventing you from making the changes in your life that you want?

Other person: “Sure, go ahead.”

(Depending on the person and the situation, this kind of statement may be enough to effect an energetic change. If they are still holding themselves back, or didn’t take sufficient note of your request and thus didn’t alter their energetic state to match, then ask the next question.)

Energy worker: “Would you say ‘I agree to have (insert energy worker’s name) and his guides look into me for the purpose of finding what is stopping me from making the changes I want in my life.'”

Other person: “Okay. ‘I agree to have (insert name) and his guides look into me for the purpose of finding what is stopping me from making the changes I want in my life.'” (It’s important that they say this clearly and completely, or it will likely not have the desired effect.)

Energy worker: “Good.”

I would now begin to look into the person and ask my guides to do so as well. For me a very sensitive approach us usually best. I ask my guides if there is any aspect of the person that minds being examined, and with my own senses I try to tune into the person’s soul. If the soul resists the tuning-in then I try to open a dialogue, asking permission the view it. If the soul doesn’t wished to be viewed there will probably be interference and difficulties in making anything more than a superficial change to the person’s energetic systems.

Assuming all aspects of the person are willingly allowing me to view them and that I have identified an issue within the their energy field I talk to them about what I have found and try to assess if they are ready to let it go. Being ready is a combination of being able to let go of the issue itself and being able to accept the treatment. Being able to let go of the issue itself is a post of its own, but being able to accept the treatment in an energetic sense can be just difficult.

I might say something along the lines of the following to help a person get out of a materialistic mindset:

“Would you agree that you are more than your physical body? I see us as beings of light, all connected and woven together. Would you agree, if these things are true, to allowing me to help you let go if this (Insert: Block, knot, karma, timeline) within your body of light.”


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