Plural Identity II

This video reminds me of something I wrote about a year ago: “Would you like to hear a story? Bacteria communicate with each other through complex chemical systems. This communication allows bacteria of different species to co-operate in the construction of colonies and complex structures called biofilms. Under starvation conditions entire colonies reorganize into exquisite fractal patterns (as shown in the title picture for this blog) that maximize surface area to search for, and consume, nutrients. These bacteria make your life possible every single day. Billions of them are inside you right now. Your body wouldn’t function without them. They are part of you, not just your body. Your heart, through your limbic system, feels all the joy and pain before your brain. The bacteria are part of your organs and tissues. Your heart. They are part of you. Who are you?”

When you can realize that you are physically plural it becomes much easier to recognize mental, emotional and energetic plurality.

I’m sure the limbic system connects the heart and brain, but I’m not certain about the order of feeling. The pop science article I read on the subject said that victorious runners hearts’ showed signs of elation before their brains, but I can no longer find it.


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