For just $9.99….

Just looking around some other energy medicine blogs I got a little disgusted. I understand the desire to live and profit by your abilities, but from my limited knowledge I think Pete Seeger was probably a lot more developed in his perspective on physical and monetary needs than most of what I’ve seen in the shamanic/energy medicine business.

I think the operative word here is business. The entire idea of taking money for healing or helping others is personally abhorrent. Having said that, I have gone to those who charge for their services for many years, and I can deal with it.

I reluctantly asked my guides if I could take money for my shamanic work. They conveyed that it would not go well for me if I took monetary compensation. I could take food, or clothing, shelter or help offered in kind, but not money. If you can do it and live in wellness, okay, but I don’t think I can.


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2 Responses to “For just $9.99….”

  1. Paul Hughes Says:

    As I lifelong healer I truly and sincerely believe you have it wrong here. Making money healing others is not a denigration of the work. If you’re finding this abhorrent, then it is because you personally have a problem with money. Given a choice – would you rather make $100 deeply helping a person on their path to health and wholness, or make the same amount of money doing some kind of meaningless work that helps almost no one? If you are truly a gifted healer then it your moral IMPERATIVE that you maximize your available time in this world healing people. Given that imperative on how on earth can you possible survive, and more importantly thrive and create an even better life for yourself, which in turn positive effects others, if you are not getting compensated in some meaningful fashion??? If people are not willing to pay you for your work, then they do not value the work you do. This is not to say that you would not help and heal people for free either. There is a way to act productive as well as charitably in this world. Those who can afford to pay you should pay you. It is there way of honoring your work, and in turn a way for you to provide value back to them.

    There is nothing wrong with money, only what people may do with it, or what they may do in order to posses it.

    To put this simple, I think of every dollar I spend a Heart dollar that is now available to benefit someone else. In this light I do not spend money, but share it with someone else who can now benefit. So my money is heart-money to bring more heart into the world.

  2. wildrote Says:

    Hi Paul,

    There are people who should be taking money for their shamanic and energy healing work, and if it meshes with their way of being and the forces they work with there isn’t anything wrong with that. I’m not one of those people at this time in my own perception, the perception of my guides, or by a number of rational arguments. This could change.

    I think that I have observed a number of energy medicine workers taking money in ways that I don’t think I would ever want to, even if I took money for my work. I was lamenting this. If that doesn’t match your experience then I would be glad to hear and accept that.

    Thanks for being interested enough to post anyway. Love what you’re doing over on your blog.

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