Guides: Communication Basics I

Communication with guides is one of the most central aspects of my practice. It is also one of the most frustrating and potentially deceptive.

The relationship between accurate/precise information and the human being can be likened to that between light and crystal. The quality of the information is based on the clarity of the crystal and the purity of the light. To receive information you need to be clear of mental, emotional, physical and energetic distortion. This sounds exactly like what it means. Removing these distortions will consume several posts, but now I will just focus on one basic technique for safely tuning into and communicating with non-physical entities.

Before anything else you need to decide what force, being or entity you want tune into and communicate with. My two suggestions in this regard are 1. try talking to various aspects of yourself first, such as your autonomic nervous system, or inner self. This will help you start to self monitor what the various parts of your being think and feel. 2. Tune into what most workers call the Universal Healing Energy. The UHE is exactly what it sounds like, a universal force devoted to all energies of healing and the highest good of every being. For the left-brained: No, I don’t think there is actually a UHE, but if you tune into that concept it will put you in touch with the force or being most closely matching it that you are able to mesh with at this time. For the right-brained: just forget what I told the left-brainers and tune in that universal healing energy.

Once you have decided on what you are tuning into, it helps to carefully write down some of the questions you want to ask. For this technique stick to questions with a yes or no answer. Your intention to ask a question isn’t enough for most energy beings to understand, you need to actually word your questions to start. The words themselves aren’t important, but the coherent thoughts that they create are what energy beings can understand. Until you learn to think much more coherently than most ever will, you’ll need to word you questions.

Examples of questions:

Bad questions:
1. Where did I leave my car keys?

2. Will the Mets win tonight?

Good question:
1. Even though I think I’ve resolved it, am I still angry at my sister on some level?

2. Do I have any blocks in my energy systems? Are they in my energy body? Are they in the left arm of my energy body?

3. Is there anything that my soul wants me to know? (<– Specifically for UHE)

4. Did I make any agreements before incarnating in this life. (<– Specifically for UHE)

You need to be in an aware, yet clear and receptive state. Any personal need or desire will interfere with getting clear answers. Using whatever relaxation or meditative techniques you prefer to clear yourself beforehand is advised, particularly if you aren’t used to communication with energy beings. When you feel centered, say the following outloud “I know wish to communicate with (insert:my inner self, the UHE, etc.) and only (insert). I wish to ignore all deception and interference. I now wish to tune into and hold the signal of (insert).” As you say the last sentence begin to mentally reach out for the being that you want to contact and try to hold a connection with them. If you feel like you are forcing the connection something is probably wrong and you shouldn’t continue unless you are very confident of your energetic senses and abilities. Alternatively you may feel nothing, which is fairly normal and you should continue to the next step.

Place the thumb and middle finger of your right hand together to form a loop. Place this loop between your left thumb and middle finger and bring them together to form another loop linked to the first. At this point understand that if the answer to your question is “yes” that one of the loops will break when you try to pull them apart, and that if the answer to your question is “no” that the loops will not break when you try to pull them apart. You should now verbally ask a test question such as “Am I (insert your name)” and other simple things that you know the answer to already. The only way this can really go wrong is if you aren’t using your real name. Use the method described bellow to get answers to the questions. If these test questions work you can now verbally ask the first question that you have written down.

After asking the question, try to pull apart the loops you have made with your fingers and thumbs. Only use about the same amount of force to hold them together and pull them apart. If you are getting good answers it won’t take much force to get a positive and almost no amount of force will break a negative.

You are now ready to start figuring out how to make this work for you. Everyone is different and I suspect you will need to modify this technique slightly to get it to work for you.

I didn’t create this technique. I originally learned it from the energy medicine worker who I mentioned in my post on initiation. It is a variety of what is called “muscle testing” in energy medicine. I suspect a text on some of its uses could be tracked down through cross referencing those two terms.

Final pieces of advice: Never be too sure of who or what you are really talking to and never make deals. They never work out.


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