Posthuman Blues

Posthuman Blues has been one of my favorite blogs for almost a year now. It’s written by author and futurist Mac Tonnies. I often feel that Mac is akin to a science fictional monk, wandering the edges of an epistemic breach. He sends us back postcards of the serene, prophetic and catastrophic. He’s also pretty funny.

I interviewed Mac last January. He was in Nova Scotia to shoot a portion of his recent appearance on Supernatural Investigator, if I recall correctly. I recently misplaced the notebook from that interview, so the details aren’t at hand. I will be posting some of the details as soon as I get it back. I originally planned to write an article for a university paper, which never happened.

I was surprised to read one of Mac’s post’s a little over a month after our interview where he identified with the role of shaman. This had nothing to do with me, as I never mentioned being anything else aside from a mild mannered student of environmental science. I was being much less open about my experiences at that point. I new Mac had seen and read the work of Terrence Mckenna, but seeing him say that helped me be open about how I perceive the world.

Thanks, Mac


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