The Anatomy of Plural Identity

My laptop is functioning again, more or less, and the node has played itself out into a new stable state, unfortunately for the worse I suspect.

One of the largest shifts in my perspective has been the transition from a singular identity to a plural one. Two years ago I thought of myself as a singular entity, occasionally known by different names, but mostly just Christopher Taylor. You could relate this concept of singular identity to viewing the world as composed of solid, definite and distinct objects(identities). I presently view my self as composed of no less than five definite, but not always distinct, identities that flow in and out of eachother. As well as a much larger number of freighteningly autonymous subsystems.

These five primary identities are my:
Incarnate self
Energy body
Inner self
Higher self

The incarnate self includes all aspects of my being that exist within the the time-space energy system, that is, all apects of my physical body, brain function and electromagnetic systems included. This identity can function normally without interaction with the other informational/energetic identities and systems, but would not qualify under my techincal definition of consciousness without interaction from the other identities.

The energy body is the primarily three-dimensional energetic system that directly interacts with the incarnate self. It guides many aspects of the incarnate self’s life, including the biophyscial, mental-emotional and also to a limited extent the chance and synchronystic events surounding the individual. The energy body is the primary focus of many energy medicine modalities and techniques such as acupressure/puncture, Reiki, chakra work, etc. The meridian and dantians of chinese medicine are located within the energy body, as well as the chakras of Kundalini yoga and some Buddhist practice. In my perspective the energy body is the limited portion of the soul that can be projected into the time-space energy system. The soul itself is too complex, by comparison, to be completely absorbed in the incarnate experience, thus the focus of consciousness is shifted down through the energy body to the incarnate self. The energy body can incarnate multiple times, and is thus sometimes confused with the soul. I emphasize that multiple incarnations of the energy body are not assured, as there are many behavoirs that souls exhibit toward their energy bodies. Most souls incarnated on this world develop an energy body over the course of may lives, usually up to the mid-teens, then reabsorb that energy body to integrate its lessons and experiences intot he greater whole. After this, the soul will have to create a new energy body if it wishes to incarnate again.

The inner self is a subsystem of the energy body, distinct from, but inherently connected to it. The inner self is intelligent, but often has a child-like and capricious nature. It maintains many of the bodies energetic sub-systems and helps with autonomic functions. They are often very helpful if they are treated with respect, attention, and helped to develop in a fun and playful way. I should emphasize that respect without understanding of the innerself’s needs and desires will not be helpful. The inner self is one of the most immediate ways for a sensitive, adept, mage, shaman or whatever you want to call it, to gain access to information about the energetic world.

The higher self is sort of a representation of the most-developed potential energetic self of the individual, based on current circumstances. It is an actual being that can influence and direct the individual, but it is also just a potential that can be changed by choices and events that occure here and now. The higher self is roughly synonymous with the eighth chakra that sits above the top of the head. Check Alberto Villoldo’s book “Shaman, Healer, Sage” for a more in detail explanation of the eighth chakra, though I disagree with several aspects of his perception. The eighth chakra is the inner, yin aspect of this identity, the Higher self is the outer, yang apect. I have observed that very few people have a higher self that is optimal for any positive purposes they might have. I don’t interpret this as learning through negative experiences so much as just a non-optimal state of afairs that should be addressed as soon as possible.

In my vocabulary, a soul is an information/energetic system that developed a level of of complexity sufficient to generate something called a consciousness field. More accurately, a soul has developed a level of complexity that creates a local purturbation within the single consciousness field that encompasses all dimensions, that I am aware of. Consciousness is the only state of being that I am told by my guides is not composed of information. Not being composed of information, it has the potential to move through, and experience, all information and energy. This is the essence of what a soul is. I know of no way to destroy or end the consciousness created by a soul, even if the energetic/information system surrounding the consciousness purturbation is dispersed it will only reform later. The consciousness purturbation can will its energetic/information system into non-existence, but this is an active process. Once the purturbation stops willing itself out of existance it will begin to experience states of being again.

The soul is the identity that agrees to enter, or somtimes just falls into, a time-space energetic system such as this physical universe. Alternatively, souls are actually being created within the energetic system of this universe and are developing through incarnation and other processes the level of complexity necessary to function in the external energetic/information reality. Our time-space energetic system has interesting qualities of nursery, prison, farm and school, all depending on perspective and the nature of the individual being in question.


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