Random Things Happen, Just Not Often In My Experience

Coincidentally my laptop has begun to die as I’ve started this blog. Posts will be sparse over the next few days and possibly the next week.

I’m experiencing this technical failure as part of a set of interconnected, but causally unrelated events that I refer to as a node. I’ve gone through several of them recently, all involving very personal shifts in my life. The difference between a node and synchronistic resonance, as described by Carl Jung, is that a node represents a definite, higher-dimensional structure, often inhabited by, or composed of, intelligent beings. Families, as a natural form of higher-dimensional structure, often generate nodes. In the case of families, the native intelligences are often the souls or higher selves of family members themselves, seeking to guide the family/structure into a new dynamically stable state, for better or worse. The essential experience of being in a node is that causally unrelated events conspire and conflict in improbable ways to alter the course of the structure in whole or in part.

I’ll do a post soon on what I mean by higher dimensional structures and cover the anatomy of identity, differentiating between inner selves, souls, higher selves, so on and so forth.


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